131 008 Port Douglas Taxis Guarantees Work for New and Experienced Taxi Drivers…..

Why not be your own boss and generally work the hours you want, either Full Time or Casual both Day or Night Shifts available.

Earn Extra Income Now by Driving Taxis – You may want to drive full time or just do the odd casual shift each week, the choice is yours.

Find out below how to apply and be driving Taxis with us.

Driving Taxis will provide a stable, rewarding and successful career.

Drivers will enter into an agreement with the taxi owner (known as the bailor) whereby the driver (known as the bailee) hires the taxi from the taxi owner and pays a fee for the hire of the taxi which is calculated on a percentage of the total shift takings.

The Bailor owner pays all fuel costs along with all other vehicle operating and procedural expenses.

The Bailee drivers enjoy the benefits of independence and flexibility in working hours.

To drive for 131008 Port Douglas Taxis , you will need to obtain a Driver Authorisation (PPV) which is issued by DIER Tasmania.

All existing drivers at 131008 Port Douglas Taxis are long term bailee drivers and have each been working within the local area for many years as bailee drivers, this long term affiliation with our drivers is testament alone to the comfortable stable rewards taxi driving provides.

131008 Port Douglas Taxis will assist every step of the way in guiding you through the application and approval processes.

To Apply You Will Need:

•  to successfully complete a 3 day Taxi Driver Training Course

•  a current drivers licence, held for at least the last 12 months

•  and also the last twelve (12) months an Australian license  – some exemptions apply – please enquire

•  to be at least 20 years of age and be in good health

•  to successfully complete a 1 hour literacy assesment

•  to have an acceptable driving and criminal history

•  to successfully complete a medical assesment

•  to obtain an ABN number

At 131008 Port Douglas Taxis we are flexible to suit your needs providing you are a suitable and approved DIER applicant.

All new applicants should apply for a Driver Information Kit from 131008 Port Douglas Taxis. This Information Kit contains the forms you require as well as a simple step by step guide to becoming a taxi driver.

Upon successful completion of a locally run, fully accredited 3 day Taxi Drivers course – All applicants must then submit the appropriate forms to Service Tas and await receipt of their Taxi Driver Accreditation documents.

Once driver accreditation is received from DIER,  drivers will be able to commence 131008 Port Douglas Taxis in house on the job training, vehicle familiarisation and customer care procedures.

​​Email us now or call  (03) 6424 1431 to receive a driver information kit.

Why Drive With Us?

  1. Experience the beautiful Port Douglas & surrounding areas
  2. Drive Flexible shifts
  3. Drive for yourself
  4. Get paid daily
  5. Meet interesting people everyday
  6. Drive modern multi hire taxi vehicles
  7. Every day is different
  8. Be in high tourist and local demand
  9. The only National 131008 taxi company at Port Douglas
  10. Fast transition and training ready for the road – you’ll be driving in no time

Driver Security

Passengers are reminded that security cameras are fitted to all Taxis. Police have commended the use of security cameras in taxis. Ensuring the rights of passengers and taxi drivers to privacy is paramount. The purpose of the cameras is to record incidents or assaults in taxis for investigative purposes. Images of everyday passenger trips are not viewed or retained by any person. The Government has prepared strict controls and policies for the operation of the security cameras in conjunction with the Privacy Commissioner of Tasmania to ensure that, Access to recorded images is restricted to authorised people who may exercise this access in response to a Tasmanian Police request to obtain the recorded camera images individuals’ rights to privacy are protected at all times.